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*SCT means Standard Completion Time

Aims for Your Child

1) To comprehend and fluently read aloud within one minute passages of about 50 words in length.
2) To write Level 2A words independently and neatly.
3) To increase their vocabulary while learning the function of nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Instruction notes – throughout the level

General notes
Have your child sit near you so you can observe and guide them whenever necessary.
When indicated in the Answer Book, answers that match the pictures should be marked as correct.

Study Approach

Help your child to acquire a sound study approach by having them read the instructions aloud first, read the exercises
aloud as they complete them and always reread their answer after they have finished writing.

Oral Reading – Fluency

Keep an eye on your child’s oral reading fluency and provide guidance if necessary.
Here are some tips to improve their oral reading:

    • Accuracy – if he/she is saying the wrong words or skipping some words, model read the words or point to the words that he/she has skipped;
    • Phrasing – if he/she is pausing at the wrong places in a sentence, model read the sentence;
    • Speed – if your child’s oral reading is slow (i.e. their time does not fall within the ‘very fluent’ range), have them read aloud the passage again.
      You may model read the passage if necessary.

Always praise them after they have finished reading.

Letter-Writing Ability

Stress to your child the importance of reading each exercise aloud while completing it and encourage them to write words
in one go, rather than copying them letter-by-letter however, if they cannot spell words on side b should refer to side a.

2A | Word Puzzle

Worksheets 1–60

Students develop their oral reading and spelling skills while reviewing the sound parts they have learned so far.

2A | Function of Words

Worksheets 61-150

Students learn the function of nouns, verbs and adjectives while increasing their vocabulary.

2A | Oral Reading

Worksheets 151-200

Students increase their oral reading fluency and comprehension ability by reading aloud passages that are equivalent in difficulty to books in Levels 2A and A of the RRL.