Dear Students,

We created this form to provide you all with an easy way to put your thoughts forward about your study plan. The ultimate goal is for you to be telling us what you need with regards to worksheets, support and resources. You begin your Kumon journey by doing what is set for you and sometimes you may disagree with that so we encourage you every chance we get to participate more in the process so you can take ownership and responsibility for how and what your learning. This form is tangible way for you to start participating and will be very helpful to us until we see you in the centre again.

As you know, we have Standard Completion Times (SCT) in Maths & English that need to be attained and adhered to as best you can so we can measure your degree of understanding and skill development. If you are not ready to progress then you spend more time practising until you are.

Do you know what the SCT is for your current workbook? If not, check the first page of your answer book or find all the SCTs for every level on the Maths and English Information Tables.

Be sure to encourage your parents to ask if they don’t understand why it is so important to work within the SCT times. Here’s a hint: You successfully finish a workbook within SCT. As a result, we now know that you have developed your ability to focus and the skills and know-how to complete the work. We can confidently progress you to the next workbook.

It is a pleasure working with you.

Warm regards
Jane, Archana & the Team at Kumon Tuggeranong