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The aim of Level C is for students to acquire fundamental multiplication and division skills. Most of the mistakes made in the multiplication and division are due to the errors in intermediate steps such as addition or subtraction. Therefore, to fully develop the skills by the end of Level B is one of the main factors for smoother progress in Level C.


Workbook C1 Review set of all the skills acquired up to the end of Level B.

Workbooks C11–41
are everyone’s favourites as the times tables are easy peasy in this format, however, the challenge is memorising them off by heart so you can answer any table at any time like a Ninja. Practice saying your tables at least 100 times with and without the answers. See the video below for more guidance as to how to do this.

Workbooks C51–91 Now you get to put you newfound times table skills to work. Not only do you need to spontaneously recall any one specific table at a time you will also need to apply the skill learned in Level B of mentally adding a carry. This can be mastered easily with practise.

In Workbooks C101–110, multiplication with 3-or-4-digit numbers is introduced. You may tend to take more time and/or make more mistakes in this workbook but if not you have this skill mastered. It is essential to acquire a strong awareness and skill-set in solving the 2-digits x 1-digit multiplication sums in C51–C91 within the standard completion time (SCT) in order to shine in this particular set.

In Workbooks C161–200, students build up the skills to calculate mentally and write only the answers without any intermediate steps. Although schools do not require such skills, students should develop sufficient calculation skills that enable them to find the answers mentally, so as to achieve smoother progress in more complicated multiplication and division, and in fractions introduced in Level D onwards. It is important to students to continue practising until they can immediately find the quotients and mentally calculate the subtraction parts in the intermediate steps.

Please let us know once you have mastered your 2 to 9 times tables. You are now ready to tackle our short multiplication worksheets from C51-C101.