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Win at Numbers (Getting Fit to Add)

Level 6A Counting – Get familiar with numbers up to 10 by counting pictures or dots and reading numbers.
Level 5A Reading Numbers | Number Sequencing – Learn to recite numbers up to 50 by practising to read numbers and number tables.
Level 4A Writing Numbers | Number Sequencing – Learn to read up to 100 and write numbers with the correct stroke order from 1 to 50.
Level 3A Number Sequencing | Adding 1 to 3 – Understand the order of numbers, enhance your number writing, while learning the ‘next number’ concept to master adding from 1 to 3.
Level 2A Adding 1 to 10 – Enhance your basic mental calculation skills through a step-by-step study of adding 4 through to 10.

Smashing the Basics (Getting fit to Multiply)

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Level A Horizontal Addition & Subtraction – Use your mental addition skills and knowledge to learn subtraction.
Level B Vertical Addition to 100 – Learn how to add larger numbers quickly and accurately.
Level C Short Multiplication & Division – Learn fundamental multiplication and division skills while mastering your times tables.

Conquering Arithmetic (Getting Fit for Fractions)

Level D Long Multiplication & Division | Reduction of Fractions – Discover the joys and difficulties of long division and become familiar with fractions.
Level E Addition/Subtraction/Multiplication/Division of Fractions – Use your addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills to perform these four operations independently with fractions.
Level F Order of Operations | Decimals – Develop your skills with fractions so that you can smoothly calculate the mixed four operations in one sum.

Taming Algebra (Getting Fit for Equations)

Level G Simplifying Algebraic Expressions – Develop your skills in algebra as you learn about positive and negative numbers, simplify algebraic expressions and solve linear equations.
Level H Simultaneous Linear Equations – Develop your algebraic skills by learning literal equations, simultaneous linear equations, inequalities, linear functions and operations with monomials and polynomials.
Level I Factorisation – Master operations with quadratic polynomials, equations and functions.

Unleash the Maths Master (Getting Fit for Calculus)

Level J Root-Coefficient Relationships – Discover the power of algebraic expressions, factorisation, irrational numbers, quadratic equations, simultaneous equations, the Remainder Theorem, the Factor Theorem, and the proof of identities and inequalities, in preparation for higher-level maths studies.
Level K Maxima and Minima of Quadratic Function – Develop your mastery in the properties of functions through your study of quadratic functions. Apply these skills while working with higher degree, fractional, irrational and exponential functions and graphs.
Level L Relative Maxima and Minima – Welcome to the wonderful world of calculus as you learn to calculate and manipulate logarithms, graph logarithmic functions, and solve logarithmic equations and inequalities.
Level M Master Addition Formulas – Discover the basics of trigonometric functions, graphs and inequalities as you grapple with more advanced trigonometric topics, including the Addition Theorem and Analytic Geometry
Level N Limits of Trigonometric Functions – Amaze your family and friends with your understanding and skills concerning loci and quadratic inequalities.
Level O Applications of Integrals – Finish your KUMON Maths Journey with strength and pride as you grow to understand advanced differentiation and applications of differential calculus.