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The aim of Level 5A is for students to read numbers and number tables up to 50 and eventually be able to recite numbers up to 50 easily. It also sets out to ensure that students understand the number sequence up to 50 through counting pictures or dots. reading numbers or number tables, and finding missing numbers in the number tables. Students should also become familiar with numbers up to 100 so that they will be prepared for Level 4A.


Worksheets 5A1-100 are designed for students read numbers and number tables up to 30 and to recognise the number of pictures or dots by counting. Pointing to each picture or dot is in principle important to reinforce their skills to recite numbers, however, if students are competent in reciting numbers and can say the total number of pictures or dots without counting them, it is not necessary to require them to count one by one.

Students will tend to progress more smoothly if they can read the number tables in the 1st and 6th worksheets. Have them read these worksheets aloud before starting the class work. It is important to have them read numbers in number tables one after another while pointing to each one.

As the aim of this level is to develop students’ skills to recite and count numbers; therefore, it is not necessary for students to include the name of what they see in each picture when counting.

For students who are having difficulty with number puzzles on the 5th and 10th worksheets, have them read the numbers in order first, and then have them draw lines.