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The aim of Level 6A is for students to recite and count numbers up to 10 through counting pictures or dots while developing their ability to focus for a short period of time without being distracted.

It is not necessary for students to include the name of what they see in each picture when counting.


Level 6A is mainly designed for students who are not fully familiar with numbers up to 10.

It is important to be involved in your child’s learning in this level by demonstrating how to read or by reading together with them.

The 30 Number Board

The 30-piece number board is recommended here so students can practice counting and increase their ability to recognise numbers. The number board is designed in such a way that students can first attempt 1-10, then 1-20 and lastly 1-30. Any additional exercises using the number board is only limited by your imagination. Number boards can be purchased from the Kumon Centre for $30 or can be loaned from the Centre with a $30 deposit.