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Repeating & Reciting

Level 7A  Familiar Words – Learn a whole bunch of new words by repeating them on their own and in short sentences.
Level 6A  Familiar Sentence Structures – Develop your skills in reciting sentences.

Learning to Read & Write

Level 5A Letter Tracing – Practice tracing letters in words while learning the sounds of the letters.
Level 4A Rhyming Skills – Discover the connection between spelling and sound.
Level 3A Sentence Copying – Read sentences with harder words and then trace or copy them.
Level 2A Function of Words – Learn more about sentences by exploring nouns, verbs and adjectives.

Visualising a Passage

Level AI Simple Sentences – Discover the structure of simple sentences by completing sentence diagrams.
Level AII Thought Sequences – Use your knowledge of the structure of simple sentences to understand short passages.
Level BI Modifiers – Learn about modifiers and modified words in sentences.
Level BII Defining Words – Practice using clues to deduce the meaning of words in passages.
Level CI Parts of a Sentence – Understand more about the structure of simple sentences by identifying parts of speech.
Level CII Synthesising Ideas – Connect and combine different points from one passage.

Identifying the Topic of Each Paragraph

Level DI Complex Sentence Analysis – Develop your understanding of complex sentences by dividing them into two or more simple sentences.
Level DII Topic – Learn to identify the topics of paragraphs.
Level EI Diagramming Paragraphs – Understand diagrams showing the relationships between paragraphs.
Level EII Reason and Result – Answer comprehension questions about events in passages.
Level FI Interpreting Text – Learn to interpret texts through re-statement, examples versus general statements and description.
Level FII Concision – Learn to condense a text using key words, core topics and its conclusion.


Level GI Summarising a Single Paragraph – Appreciate advanced Recommended Reading texts by examining your impressions.
Level GII Summarising a Single Paragraph Cont. – Learn to complete sentences that summarise each paragraph of a passage, using the key words given.
Level HI Summarising Over Paragraph – Identify how paragraphs are connected to each other through three approaches.
Level HII Summarising Over Paragraph Cont. – Learn to write (or complete) a summary over two paragraphs by identifying key words.
Level II Explaining the Summary Process – Refine your reading and comprehension ability by learning to complete a précis.
Level III Explaining the Summary Process Cont. – Refine your reading and comprehension ability by learning to complete a précis.

Reading Critically

Level J Introduction to Critique – Amaze yourself with your critical reading skills as you identify the portions of a passage that correspond to specific comments below it.
Level K Content Evaluation – Continue to increase your critical reading and writing skills as you analyse passages and comment on their literary elements.
Level L Interpreting Text – Use the critical reading and writing skills you have acquired to intelligently comment on sections selected passages.