It’s time to start practising the time tables.
It is time to begin committing the times tables to memory. The only way to do this for the majority of the population is to repeat them many times over. We have set up a process to record how many times each time is recited so students can see real progress and hopefully recite each table enough times that they have success in remembering them forever.

Your child needs a set of blue times tables flashcards and a blue record sheet (pictured here) …

The instructions that appear at the top are as follows:
1. Use the blue Kumon Times Tables Flashcards

2. Start with the 2s & recite from 1×2=2 (say one twos are two) to 12×2=24 (say 12 twos are twenty-four) 50 times reading the side of the card with answers. After each recitation mark the box /.

3. Turn the 2s card over to the side with no answers and recite again another 50 times. After each recitation mark the same box \ leaving each box with a cross in it.

4. It’s best to do 100 recitations on one occasion or within a short period of time.

5. Once this is done quiz your child until their answers are spontaneous. If the answers are slow or incorrect immediately say the correct answer and ask another 3 times.

Practise at Centre
Your child will be asked to practise the times tables at their centre visit while their centre workbook is being marked or while they are waiting to be picked up.

Quiz to see if table is mastered
Where possible please sign off when your child is successful at answering every sum in the set spontaneously and in random order and after the 100 recitations are done, in other words after each box has been crossed.

Master the tables within a week
Our aim is to help students master their times tables within a week. This means each table needs to be repeated/recited numerous times in one sitting. We suggest 100 times either in one sitting or within a short period of time.

Level C Workbook 51 – Short Multiplication
Once a student can answer accurately each table spontaneously and in random order he/she is ready for short multiplication sums in worksheets C51 and beyond.

If you have any questions please feel free to call 0419134078 or email