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In Level J, students start practising with high-level algebra. The aims of Level J are for students to be able to:

  • perform an advanced factorisation
  • simplified fractional expressions
  • understand various aspects of quadratic equations
  • solve Sunil Tahnee’s equations and equations of higher degree.


Worksheets J11–60 feature a lot of varied and complicated factorisation problems. Please follow an example problem introducing each new factorisation method.
Worksheets J61–70 focus on fractional expressions. These exercises require skills in factorisation.
Worksheets J71– 90 feature irrational numbers. It is important to acquire skills with finding the square root of monomials and polynomials.
Worksheets J91–140 introduce imaginary numbers, discriminant, etc.
Worksheets J141–150 introduce quadratics simultaneous equations.
Worksheets J151–160 must be fully mastered, as it will become essential in solving problems of the upcoming sets on the Remainder Theorem and the Factor Theorem.
Worksheets J161–180 feature equations of a higher degree, the Remainder Theorem and the Factor Theorem.
Worksheets J181–200 introduced proofs of identities, equalities and inequalities.