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*SCT means Standard Completion Time

Aims for Your Child

1) To learn to read aloud sentences.
2) To read aloud words containing 4A sound parts.
3) To trace sentences.
4) To increase their vocabulary by introducing 225 new words.

Instruction notes – throughout the level

General notes
Have your child sit near you so you can observe and guide them whenever necessary.

Study Approach

Make sure your child is in the habit of reading the worksheets aloud as they complete them. Read the instructions
if she/he cannot read them by themselves. This is especially important when your child begins the first page of that day’s
study and when the instructions change.

Oral Reading – Fluency

Make sure your child reads the sentences first and then reads and traces the word in each exercise. We are aiming for good
reading fluency however, if your child cannot read aloud words or sentences fluently then model read and have them repeat
after you and 
have them the same word or sentence a few times.

Letter-Writing Ability

Make sure that your child’s writing is well formed, of the appropriate size and written using the correct direction and
stroke order. Praise them for the parts that are traced or written well to encourage them to do even better next time.

4A Familiar Letter Combinations


Students develop the ability to:
– recognise double consonant and consonant cluster sound parts in words;
– blend sound parts together in order to read aloud words and sentences fluently;
– trace and copy letters.



4A Rhyming Skills


Students develop the ability to:
– blend initial consonant and consonant clusters with the same terminal sound;
– read aloud words and sentences that rhyme.

4A Sentence Tracing


– improve their reading fluency by reading aloud short stories with sentences of up to 16 words in length;
– further develop the ability to write neatly and more quickly by tracing sentences.