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Method of Marking Maths
Table of Learning Mathematics
Long Division Instructions
Progress Tracker Maths Levels 6A to I
Progress Tracker Maths Levels C to O

Method of Marking English
Table of Learning English
Kumon Recommended Reading List 
Kumon Recommended Reading List – Australia Version
Progress Tracker English Levels 7A to FII
Progress Tracker English Level CI to L
Purpose of the English Programme
Overview Chart for Kumon English

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Home-marking and it’s benefits
The Value of Home Marking – A Guide for Parents

Kumon Family Guidebook ~ Your first year in Kumon
Kumon Enrolment Pamphlet

Tips for Successful Holiday Study
Time away from Kumon

Kumon + Commitment = Success

Why do Kumon on the holidays?
Is Repetition Really Necessary?
Can students still do Kumon in High School?
Is your child still motivated?
Why can’t Kumon be more flexible with the order of material covered?
Why must my child be timed and complete worksheets so quickly?
Why must my child do so much repetition?
Why is it so important for my child to learn independently?
Why is my child starting at such a low level?
My child has caught up at school. Why stay with Kumon?
Why are some school topics not covered in Kumon?

How to….
How can I help my child with their Kumon
How to inspire your kids
How to build a solid maths foundation
How to build skills for a lifetime of success
How Eastern and Western Cultures Tackle Learning
How to practise maths outside of school
How to build skills for a lifetime of success
How to nurture a love of maths in your child
How to prepare your child for the next school year
How to incorporate Kumon into the school routine
How to keep your child excited about learning all year round
How to create a great family reading night
How to boost your child’s brain power
How to help boost your child’s brain power with food
How to set goals with your children
How to build your child’s critical thinking skills