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The aim of Level 4A to enhance students’ skills to write numbers up to 50 and to deepen their understanding of number sequence through number reading and writing so that they will be prepared for Level 3A. Students should also be able to read up to 100.


Students become familiar with the shapes of numbers through tracing practice in Worksheets 4A1–40. Students then practice writing each number from 1 to 10 through copying the same number repeatedly in Worksheets 4A41-100. If students have difficulty writing independently, it is recommended to help them by drawing numbers in the form of dotted lines and have them trace over them, or by guiding their hands.

From Worksheet 4A71-100 students practice writing numbers from 1 to 10 independently by filling in the blanks in number tables and complete-the-sequence-problems and by writing numbers corresponding to dot patterns. Thereafter in Worksheets 4A101-140, students practice writing numbers from 11 to 30 by filling in the blanks in number tables and complete-the-sequence-problems.

In Worksheets 141-200, students deepen their understanding of the number sequence up to 50 through writing consecutive numbers and filling in the blanks in number tables, number boards and complete-the-sequence-problems. For the exercises for consecutive number writing on side a, have students write numbers without pausing in order to develop an understanding of number sequence and enhance work skills. For fill-in-the-blank problems with number tables or number boards on side b review their past study to see if they have sufficiently practised the earlier learning foci, in case they experienced difficulty filling in the blanks.

It is important to note that students are not required to write numbers neatly from the beginning, but rather aim for them to improve their work skills through practice of writing numbers. Once their work skills are improved, they will become more relaxed and will naturally write numbers to match the size of the numbers that appear on the worksheets.

Further to this, when students practice reading numbers in the number tables on the first sheet of the set, have them read the numbers aloud while pointing to each one. For those students who find it difficult to read, focus on improving their reading skills by reading numbers aloud for them and/or having them repeat after you.