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The benefits of studying both Maths and English at the same time
Kumon is a ‘holistic’ approach to a child’s future academic success — a comprehensive insurance policy – mental calculation skills and reading comprehension ability provide the foundation for success in all subjects – one supports the other and builds the confidence of each student developing their abilities to tackle high school materials more easily.

We encourage you to first have a conversation with your Instructor before making the decision to swap subjects as your child may need an adjustment to their study plan or may be be on the cusp of achieving their grade level. Your careful consideration is requested.


  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    There are NO fees involved when swapping subjects.
  • During the period of COVID-19 restrictions a diagnostic test will be delivered to your letterbox within 2 business days with instructions to follow.
  • Date Format: DD slash MM slash YYYY
    Your child's current subject will continue until replaced by the other subject to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Any comments that we may find helpful in determining your child's Easy Starting Point in this subject will be greatly appreciated.